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EGX 2014: Dying Light | ChristmasMelon

EGX 2014: Dying Light


This year I’m sure most of us were ready and waiting to right something witty after developer Techland announced that their new game Dying Light wasn’t a new Dead Island, but infact something better.

After a few minutes hands on with this new IP proved to me that Techland ahve taken new directions in their game development and for the better, easily superceeding Dead Island in game design.

One thing that you notice Techland have learned along their way is movement control making it feel much more fluid.
Although not up to fluidity of other similar open world games, the movement around the map is easy and appealing.

This is then especially useful as the game spawns quite a few zombies, and they just keep coming, quite frankly either put Queen on the jukebox or with the aid of a distracting firecracker, parkour the hell out of there.
Opposed to other survival zombie games at this time, in Dying Light you don’t need to find points in the map where the zombies AI trips up, you can simply climb your way out… refreshing.

So whats to stop you from using this technique the whole game? Loot, risky risky loot.
Techland level designers have cleverly placed plenty of goodies and weaponry across lower ground and there is no better temptation to players that plenty of loot.As well as this spread around are event and side quests like a man being surrounded in his home in need of rescue and in doing so, he’ll reward you.

Much more than movement in this game have been improved over Techlands previous work including Combat.

Combat has been dialled and refined, improving especially on physics and hit detection.
So go ahead, pick a limp and kindly remove it in aid of the zombie.

Graphical Fidely-wise, Dying Light is level with other games we’ve seen from Techland however with an improved lighting engine and with an improved map.

Take a look at the trailer below!



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