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DayZ’s Creator Dean “Rocket” Hall Q&A | ChristmasMelon

DayZ’s Creator Dean “Rocket” Hall Q&A


At this years E3, VG24/7 managed to sit down with Dean “Rocket” Hall and get him to answer questions compiled by MrBigMoney from /r/DayZ of which he is a big contributor to.

Usually Rocket it lurking around this subreddit anyway and makes his appearance occasionally, he is very in touch with his community and knows them very well.

So let’s get on with the questions. (Answers have been shortened for convenience, if you wish to see the entire Q&A see below this article)

Q: “How rare will loot and gear be?”

A: “There will be massive amounts of potentential loot spawns, but items will be very rare, rarer than the mod. We’re also looking to have thousands of items, but currently we only have a few hundred, meaning that certain items are extremely rare.”

Q: “Is suicide an option?”

A: “Yes”

Q: “What is being done with the humanity system?”

A: “Nothing is set in stone, but stuff like blood appearing on your hands if you’ve been looting the recently killed.”

Q: “Can we expect random events?”

A: “No, what we want are players to create these situations based on their activity and involvement.”

Q: “Anything done to increase disorientation? like confirming kills etc”

A: “Absolutely, with kill messages and most of the UI removed as well as other text and sound feedback”

Q: “WILL zombies be enough of a threat, that you’ll have to team?”

A: “There will be a lot of encouragement on the player to interact with others and zombies have been improved.”

Q: “Will there be anything to balance out the clear advantages bandits have over the game?”

A: “The player will be given a lot of option, but its currently an ongoing thing.”

Q: “Will colonisation be possible? For example eradicating zombies from a zones.”

A: “Yes! But roving zombies can move through from around or zombies from neighboring zones can be alerted and move towards you.”

Q: “Will there be any form of barricading system?”

A: “Not 100% confirmed, but you can pick up and carry items, as well as gather resources to build barricades.”

Q: “How many items, weapons and food will be in Standalone at release?”

A: “For Alpha there is no target, probably around hundreds, but for the release thousands.”

Q: “What options are there for base building?”

A: “Nothing for alpha, but look out for it in the future.”

Q: “What are your plans to make the north more attractive?”

A: “New areas, better loot, etc.”

Q: “Are you planning anything to reduce loot farming?”

A: “With the server architecture we will be able to monitor server hopping and provide the player with warnings and then time outs.”

Q: “What is the quality of melee combat?”

A: “Being realistic, I’d say OK, but better than the mod.”

Q: “Will shooting at another persons gun break their weapon, scope or magazine etc?”

A: “With the new entity systems, I can say yes!”

Q: “Will it be possible to damage items by shooting at it?”

A: “Yes and no, but it ‘s something we’ll concentrate on in the future.”

Q: “Will their be high grade military gear? Like night vision or sniper rifles.”

A: “Yes, but what we are looking at doing is having a central server that is dedicated to the economy and monitors all servers and only allows them to spawn a certain quantity of items, limited the amount over the entire game.”

Q: “Will there be stamina/speed systems connected with the amount you are carrying?”

A: “Something to look for in the future.”

Q: “How complex will crafting be? Or how complex can it become?”

A: “Very complex, but all within the UI.”

Q: “Will degradation work on backpacks and clothing?

A: “Currently degradation only works with damage, for example being shot in the chest through a hoodie will degrade the hoodie and running a lot will wear out your footwear.”

Q: “Ball park on pricing?”

A: “At the moment we don’t know, but cheap during the alpha then progressively more expensive.”

Q: “Will user created maps be ported in the future?”

A: “We’d like to give these users resources and training and really do some good ports.”

So there we have it, thanks to DrBigMoney for the compilation of questions,VG24/7 for the footage and a big thanks to Rocket for being well in touch with his community.


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