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DayZ standalone – Rezzed 2013 | ChristmasMelon

DayZ standalone – Rezzed 2013


This year at Rezzed 2013, Dean “Rocket” Hall showed off some more of DayZ standalone. This was based on the build that he showed at E3, but had some additional content that he had finished adding into the game just an hour before giving his developer session. He started off right away by jumping into the game, and began explaining some of the debug information that appeared at the top of the screen, talking about how the hunger and thirst system worked and what factors such as temperature and weather affected them. This being that in the sunshine and having warm surroundings, your hunger would decrease less quickly but thirst would increase, and vice versa for a cold environment. He spoke about some more features they were hoping to add to do with the blood system. The player would be able to find saline and iv kits and such, and use these to make a transfusion kit to collect blood from themselves or other players. However, the player would have to keep it cool and refrigerated in order for them to use it later on to heal someone or have someone heal them. This equipment and other items in the game would need to be disinfected with spray to prevent the player from getting an infection or disease like cholera which would have long term effects on a character throughout the duration of their survival. Another interesting feature is the radio system that has been implemented into the game, to allow the player to listen to real world radio stations while they play the game. These stations could also be created by the community and implemented into the game to allow a form of “pirate” radiostations like ones that might exist in a real world post apocalypse. The bad news about this is that zombies and other players in the world will be able to hear the music coming from your player, and track it to your location. Although, as Dean mentioned during the session this could be used very easily to troll other players and lure them into an ambush which adds to the immersion and fear factor the game is already well known for.

Dean showed off a fair amount to do with crafting, such as the ability to combine items like a spray can and road flare by using duct-tape, creating an improvised grenade and talked about the many many variations that could be done with all sorts of different items. The UI has also been changed considerably from the ArmA II mod, now being much simpler and easier to use, having details like being able to see what’s currently equipped in your hand which is a nice touch to the game. Weapon customisation is also on the cards, where he demonstrated attaching a silencer to a weapon for stealth, and talked about how it is very much a work in progress but we can look forward to a flexible and wide range of various attachments for weapons within the game. Additionally, all the weapons that are in the game are not imported from ArmA II and have all been completely remade, requiring a lot of time and effort.

Further into the session Dean demonstrated the new loot spawning system, and how it requires the player to scavenge their surroundings and look all over a room to find loot, as it can be placed anywhere in almost any location. For example, a can of beans could be on top of a fridge or under a bed in the room, meaning the player really has to properly search an area to make sure they don’t miss any important loot that could be easily overlooked. An interesting addition in the features is the foot damage system, which means that players can’t simply run kilometer after kilometer without slowing down, as shoes have durability which is decreased over time by how fast and how far they travel by foot. Different footwear would have different durability and be affected dynamically by various surfaces the player is traveling on. If the player damages their feet too much, then eventually they will be limping and unable to travel as quickly anymore, giving them a serious hindrance in the DayZ world. To finish off the gameplay demonstration, he spoke reassuringly about the new system in which the servers control everything serverside, meaning that hacking and such would be severely hampered as the client would not have access to the values or items on the player, and wouldn’t be able to access anything other than what is needed for it to stay connected and function properly.

After the gameplay, Dean spoke about the modelling system they were using, which is to have low polygons but high detail, so that the weapons can look realistic but performance is increased on the server and client overall. Then he went on to speak about and show some images of different things in the game and how tools could be used to interact with vehicles and take parts off and put parts on to add a bit more depth and realism to that aspect of the game.

To finish off the session Dean answered a few questions from the audience and wrapped up any loose ends about why it doesn’t look like ArmA III, and if players are going to be encouraged to not just shoot everyone they see etc. Lastly, there is no specific release date, other than they have a timeframe of a specific week they plan to launch, however Dean did say he wanted to get the alpha out as quickly as possible so we can expect to get our hands on it in the near future.

If you want to check out the session, click here to watch the coverage on YouTube.


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